The “Anxiety Pack” For Travel

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Traveling with a chronic illness is difficult and traveling with travel anxiety is like 100x more difficult (LOL @ my life amirite) , but I’m slowly getting to the point of understanding that I am able to travel with more control. Having this sort of emergency kit for my anxiety and Crohn’s disease symptoms helps so much in times of need and it really helps to ensure that I have a good time wherever I go! It’s not a “physical kit”, but more a general list of things I always try to bring to help keep me happy and comfortable when I’m away from home!

Gas-x : One of the symptoms of my disease and stricture is horrible gas pain. How cute. LOL. It’s totally internal so it’s not like I’m worried about farting on a plane or something, but I get debilitating abdominal pain, and gas-x works wonders.

Pepto : For Nausea, mostly, but also as an antacid! This stuff is amazing!

Ativan : This is an RX anti-anxiety medication. I only take it on an as needed basis, which is usually when I travel. LOL. It sucks because I love traveling and everything, but the anxiety is literally so horrible until I get to my destination! Even sometimes during my stay! So Ativan definitely helps. If I’m on a long trip, the first couple days taking it, it knocks. me. out. But after that I’m usually not so messed up by that side-effect and I can usually manage with taking less of it. Even sometimes just knowing that I have it makes me feel better!

Anti-Nausea : Whether because of my anxiety or because of motion sickness, some kind of anti-nausea medication is always needed. Because of my Crohn’s disease, I have an RX for this, but I used to wear the pressure bands when I was younger, and again, Pepto works wonders!

Sleeping Pills : I sometimes have trouble sleeping when I’m away from home, so I bring these just in case! I usually take zzz-quil with me, but benedryl works really well, too!

Immodium : Because when you have an anxiety attack, you also shit your brains out, I don’t know if you knew that or not. This helps.

Benedryl : For allergies and sleep – even though the drowsiness is considered a side effect, taking one of these before bed gives me some of the best sleep I’ve ever experienced in my life. LOL. I take them at night every once in a while for a rash I get from the Humira I have to take for my Crohn’s disease, and now I take it with me everywhere just in case!

Albuterol : I have asthma and not being able to breathe is one of my biggest fears, so I carry this everywhere and it makes me feel .. not so anxious about possibly not being able to breathe.

Tissues : Tissues for essential oils, allergies, crying, etc.fullsizerender-7

Bag for Throwing Up : Because when you have an anxiety attack, you also throw everything up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to puke outside of my car door (once, while the car was still moving.), in a fast food cup, etc. And being anxious and nauseous, I get MORE nauseous knowing that I would have nowhere to throw up if I needed to! UGH. Now I just carry a plastic bag.

List of to-dos for Heightened Anxiety: Having it written down helps me to not have to actually think. When your anxiety gets to those levels, every ounce of your focus is necessary to keep yourself together. You have no room to think about other more effective ways of managing it. And you get to that point so quickly. I can’t hold a conversation, have any responsibilities, pay attention to where I’m going, etc. Like I literally need to be lead around and told what to do because my brain is literally 100% working toward not freaking out. So having a list already made that I just have to look at helps a ton.

Apps : Click Here for apps you can download to your phone that will help your anxiety! I’m obsessed with my apps and constantly looking for new ones! They are so helpful. Some are quick distraction games, some are meditation, they’re just great. If you have a problem with anxiety and you don’t have these apps, waterudoing? Get them ASAP!!

Headphones : When you’re feeling anxious, the hustle and bustle of your surroundings can make it worse! It helps to be able to focus on one solitary thing, and putting in my headphones for music or talk radio help so much!

Hair Ties : Because hot flashes.

Comfortable Clothing : Because who wants to feel anxious (the epitome of discomfort) in uncomfortable clothing?

Aromatherapy : Smelly good lotions with therapeutic scents are my favorite! I carry a lavender scented lotion I got from World Market with me all the time! Also, putting a drop of two of essential oils on tissues for smelling help too! (lavender, geranium and Roman chamomile help calm nerves.)

I hope this list helps ease your nerves while you’re away from home! I know it helps me a ton!


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