Lanhydrock in Bodmin, Cornwall – review

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Immediately arriving at this luxurious National Trust establishment of Lanhydrock in Bodmin, Cornwall you will no doubt be nearly overwhelmed by its grandeur beauty.

Certainly the expansive driveway and surrounding meadows is only further proof that the lucky family of Robartes were of serious wealth. Delving into the over 50 rooms filled with the finest of tapestries, artwork, furnishings, and intricate ceilings you will find that hours will pass by in mere moments!

For this reason don’t only set aside a minimal amount of time, for when you travel here you and your entire family will be captivated and wanting to discover all the ins and outs of the home. In fact the younger ones will relish in uncovering the secret life of the servants passed behind the walls and you can travel down to the servant rooms and select passageways for just that.

You will further be blown away by just how remarkably National Trust locale Lanhydrock was brought back to its full splendour considering that it was brought to ashes in 1881 in a horrible blaze. Today there is no trace of the fire in the sparkling hallways, kitchens, and spotless rooms.

Literary enthusiasts will rejoice in that the library is fully stocked with some of the rarest books to be found and thankfully they were all spared and now readily available for your pleasure. While you take in all the sights you can in fact treat your ears by having one tickle the ivories of the Steinway piano.

So for truly a remarkable holiday retreat be sure to come to Lanhydrock and be ready to plunge back to the 17th century!

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