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Get into caving!

Caving (or spelunking if you’re from the US) is an exhilarating and adventurous activity that involves exploring underground caves, tunnels, and passages. It’s an activity that offers unique challenges, stunning…

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Ben Nevis Photos
Ben Nevis gallery – the ‘tourist’ path
Snowdonia photos
Snowdonia gallery – up the Pyg, down the Miner’s.


Welcome to UK Outdoor Pursuits

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Participating in outdoor pursuits in the UK doesn’t have to be a one-off field trip experience. If you have a love of the outdoors and you love a tough challenge, then get yourself down to one of the many outdoor activity centres in the UK and get muddy. You don’t have to be in a big group to enjoy the outdoors – it doesn’t matter if there are only a couple of you wanting to get for the day. There are plenty of outdoor pursuits you can participate in that need only a few of you such as quad biking, white water rafting – you can always join in with others at the activity centres to make up teams.

If you are feeling like something totally different, why not find yourself a charter boat with an experienced skipper or find a spot of quiet shoreline on the UK coast for some serious sea fishing – or even spearfishing which is really up and coming in the UK (lots of info on spearfishing.co.uk and if you don’t have a buddy try the UK Spearfishing Buddies facebook group). NEW: There’s a great new Speargun buyer’s guide available here (free). Whichever type of outdoor pursuits you are looking for, due to the very nature of the weather in the UK, the terrain, the countryside and the coastal areas, there is a huge amount that you can do. If you are looking for some inspiration you need to read Grand Adventures by Alastair Humphreys – if it is by kayak, boat, car, bike – there is inspirational wisdom in this book from people who have devoted their lives to adventure and people who have had the adventure of a lifetime and then got themselves back to reality. The hardest part of your weekend will be deciding which activity or adventure to take up.

This site is for: outdoor activities / outdoor pursuits and recreation (for adults, kids and toddlers), adventure sports, centres / organisers. Activities include camping, climbing, cycling, fishing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, mountaineering, paintball, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, spearfishing, surfing, general travelling, walking and more. Most of our articles and guides are written around UK activities but we do also have a growing international travel section for those who love to explore abroad.