Go outdoors: 180 activities to experience in the UK

Reading Time: 26 minutes

Are you looking to go outdoors and try something new in the UK? Look no further! From hiking and camping to kayaking and caving, there are plenty of exciting outdoor activities to explore. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking a new thrill or just looking to connect with nature and enjoy some fresh air, this list of outdoor activities is sure to inspire you. So, put on your hiking boots, grab your paddle, or harness up for a thrilling adventure, and get ready to explore the great outdoors in the UK!

  1. Abseiling: Experience the thrill of descending down a cliff face or building in a controlled and safe environment. Challenge yourself mentally and physically as you push your limits while taking in breathtaking views. The Lake District, Snowdonia, and the Scottish Highlands offer plenty of opportunities for abseiling adventures.
  2. Agricultural shows: Immerse yourself in the world of agriculture and rural life. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of farming as you interact with farm animals, sample local produce, and witness skilled farmers compete in various events. The Royal Welsh Show, the Great Yorkshire Show, and the Royal Highland Show are some of the biggest and most popular agricultural shows in the UK.
  3. Airsoft battles: Step into the shoes of a soldier and engage in simulated military combat with realistic-looking weapons. Work as a team to strategize and outsmart the opposing team in a high-intensity, adrenaline-fueled battle. The Urban Assault Course in Nottingham and the Phoenix Airsoft site in Kent are popular locations for airsoft battles.
  4. Archery: Channel your inner Robin Hood and experience the excitement and challenge of hitting the bullseye. Improve your focus, precision, and technique while enjoying the outdoors in a relaxing and therapeutic environment. The Robin Hood’s Bay Archery Club in North Yorkshire and the Highland Archery Centre in Inverness are just a couple of the many places where you can try archery in the UK.
  5. Astronomy: Expand your horizons and explore the vast universe. Marvel at the beauty and mystery of celestial objects, learn about the latest discoveries, and gain a new appreciation for the cosmos. The Dark Sky Discovery Sites in the Galloway Forest Park, the Brecon Beacons, and Northumberland National Park are perfect for stargazing.
  6. Aurora borealis viewing: Witness one of the most awe-inspiring natural phenomena on Earth – the dancing Northern Lights. Be amazed by the vibrant colors and patterns of the aurora borealis as they light up the night sky. The Scottish Highlands and the Shetland Islands offer some of the best chances to witness the Northern Lights in the UK.
  7. Axe throwing: Unleash your inner lumberjack and test your accuracy and strength by throwing axes at targets. Enjoy a fun and unique activity that is both challenging and rewarding. Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing has locations in Manchester, Birmingham, and London where you can try this fun activity.
  8. Badminton games: Get your heart pumping and have fun with friends or family playing this fast-paced racket sport. Enjoy the thrill of rallying and smashing the shuttlecock while improving your agility and hand-eye coordination. Badminton courts can be found in most leisure centers and sports halls throughout the UK.
  9. Base jumping: Experience the ultimate rush of jumping off a high structure with just a parachute to slow your descent. Feel the wind rushing past you as you freefall through the air and then soar like a bird over the landscape. Contrary to popular belief, base jumping itself is not illegal in the UK – but if you want to learn to base jump, you need to become a competent skydiver first. You can find out more here.
  10. Beachcombing: Unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by wandering along the shoreline searching for treasures. Discover unique shells, rocks, driftwood, and other beach finds, and take in the serene beauty of the coastline. The Jurassic Coast in Dorset and the beaches of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland are great spots for beachcombing.
  11. Beach cricket: Enjoy the classic game of cricket in a relaxed and casual setting. Feel the sand between your toes as you hit and field the ball, and enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing in the background. The beaches of Brighton and Bournemouth are popular spots for playing beach cricket in the UK.
  12. Beach rugby: Experience the physicality and excitement of rugby while enjoying the sand and sea. Play with friends or join a team to engage in intense matches that require speed, strength, and teamwork. The Porthminster Beach in St. Ives and the Brighton Beach Rugby Festival are popular places to play or watch beach rugby.
  13. Beach soccer: Combine the skills of soccer with the joy of playing on the beach. Enjoy the feeling of the sand underfoot as you dribble, pass, and score in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The beaches of Blackpool and Bournemouth host regular beach soccer tournaments and events.
  14. Beach ultimate frisbee: Get a workout while having fun playing this fast-paced team sport. Throw and catch the frisbee with your teammates, and work together to score points while enjoying the sun and sand. The Beach Ultimate Lovers Tournament in Bournemouth is the UK’s biggest beach ultimate frisbee event.
  15. Beach volleyball: Play or watch this energetic and fun sport on the beach. Enjoy the challenge of diving, blocking, and spiking the ball while feeling the sand between your toes and soaking up the sun. The Yellowave Beach Sports Centre in Brighton and the Volleyball England Beach Tour are great places to play or watch beach volleyball in the UK.
  16. Beer festivals: Indulge in the taste and variety of local and international beers at a festival. Savor different brews, learn about brewing techniques, and enjoy live music and entertainment. Some popular UK beer festivals include the Great British Beer Festival in London and the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival.
  17. Birdwatching: Connect with nature and observe the beauty and diversity of bird species. Spot rare and exotic birds while enjoying the tranquility of the outdoors. Popular birdwatching locations in the UK include the RSPB Minsmere Reserve in Suffolk and the Isle of Mull in Scotland.
  18. BMX racing: Feel the thrill of racing BMX bikes on dirt tracks, performing jumps, and racing against competitors. Push your limits and enjoy the adrenaline rush of BMX racing. Some popular BMX racing events in the UK include the British BMX Series and the Urban Rider Games.
  19. Bob sledding: Experience the exhilaration of speeding down an icy track on a sled. Feel the G-forces as you navigate through twists and turns at high speeds. The UK’s only bobsleigh and skeleton track is located in Bath, where you can experience the rush of the sport first-hand.
  20. Bouldering: Challenge yourself physically and mentally as you climb short but tricky routes on rock formations without ropes. Improve your balance, strength, and problem-solving skills while enjoying the outdoors. Popular bouldering spots in the UK include the Peak District and the Scottish Highlands.
  21. Bungee jumping: Face your fears and feel the rush of jumping off a high platform with just an elastic cord to slow your fall. Enjoy the breathtaking views and the adrenaline rush of freefalling before bouncing back up. Some popular bungee jumping locations in the UK include the O2 Arena in London and the Titan Crane in Scotland.
  22. Camping: Escape from the daily grind and unwind in nature. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of sleeping under the stars, roasting marshmallows over a campfire, and exploring the great outdoors. The UK has many beautiful camping sites, including the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands.
  23. Canoeing: Glide along rivers and lakes in a canoe, taking in the scenery and enjoying the tranquility of the water. Improve your paddling technique and challenge yourself with different water conditions. The River Wye and the Scottish Lochs are popular destinations for canoeing in the UK.
  24. Canyoning: Explore the rugged beauty of canyons by climbing, jumping, and sliding down waterfalls and natural pools. Enjoy the adrenaline rush and the natural beauty of the canyon environment. The Scottish Highlands and the Brecon Beacons are popular canyoning destinations in the UK.
  25. Carnivals: Immerse yourself in the vibrancy and excitement of a carnival. Enjoy colorful parades, live music and entertainment, street food, and cultural activities. Some popular UK carnivals include the Notting Hill Carnival in London and the Manchester Caribbean Carnival.
  26. Cave diving: Explore the beauty and mystery of underwater caves while scuba diving. Enjoy the unique experience of diving through narrow passageways and discovering hidden chambers. The UK has many cave diving destinations, including the Firth of Clyde and the Swildon’s Hole in Somerset.
  27. Caving: Embark on an underground adventure exploring the fascinating and awe-inspiring underground world of caves. Enjoy the thrill of squeezing through narrow passages, scrambling up rock faces, and discovering stunning formations. Some popular caving destinations in the UK include the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales.
  28. City bike tours: Explore a city on two wheels, discovering hidden gems and historical landmarks along the way. Enjoy the fresh air and exercise as you pedal through vibrant neighborhoods, and learn about the city’s culture and history from a knowledgeable guide. Some popular city bike tours in the UK include the London Bike Tour and the Edinburgh Bike Tour.
  29. Cliff jumping: Experience the thrill of jumping off a high cliff into the ocean below. Enjoy the adrenaline rush and the refreshing feeling of diving into the water. The UK has many stunning cliff jumping locations, including the Cornwall coast and the Isle of Skye.
  30. Coasteering: Enjoy an exhilarating adventure exploring the rugged coastline, climbing cliffs, swimming through natural pools, and jumping off rocks into the sea. Discover hidden coves and sea caves, and enjoy the beauty of the coastal environment. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the Cornish coastline are popular coasteering destinations in the UK.
  31. Coasteer sailing: Enjoy the freedom of sailing along the coast, taking in the stunning scenery and feeling the wind in your hair. Learn about sailing techniques and navigation, and enjoy the exhilarating experience of harnessing the power of the wind. The Solent and the Isle of Wight are popular coasteer sailing locations in the UK.
  32. Country fairs: Experience the charm and tradition of rural life at a country fair. Enjoy livestock shows, agricultural displays, craft markets, and live music and entertainment. Some popular UK country fairs include the Royal Welsh Show and the Great Yorkshire Show.
  33. Cricket matches: Immerse yourself in the quintessential British sport of cricket, watching skilled players compete in a classic match. Enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of the game, and learn about the intricacies of cricket strategy and technique. Lord’s Cricket Ground in London and the Oval in Kennington are popular cricket match destinations in the UK.
  34. Cross-country skiing: Glide over snow-covered terrain in a serene and picturesque winter wonderland. Experience the tranquillity of the great outdoors while getting a full-body workout. Try cross-country skiing at Cairngorms National Park or Glenshee Ski Centre in Scotland.Crossfit sessions (outdoors): Take your fitness to the next level with high-intensity, full-body workouts in the fresh air. Enjoy the variety of exercises and the sense of community that comes with working out in a group. Try outdoor Crossfit sessions at Crossfit Thames in London or Crossfit Jorvik in York.
  35. Cycling: Enjoy the freedom of exploring the countryside on two wheels. Whether you prefer leisurely rides or challenging mountain trails, cycling is a great way to get active and enjoy the scenery. Try cycling along the Camel Trail in Cornwall or mountain biking at Glentress Forest in Scotland.
  36. Dance festivals: Immerse yourself in the rhythm and energy of music and dance at a festival. Enjoy the spectacle of live performances and the opportunity to let loose and move your body. Try dance festivals such as Boomtown Fair in Winchester or Bestival in Dorset.
  37. Disc golfing: Combine the fun of frisbee throwing with the challenge of golf in this exciting sport. Navigate through a course of targets and aim for the lowest number of throws to win. Try disc golfing at Quarry Park Disc Golf in Leamington Spa or Mendip Activity Centre in Somerset.
  38. Dog sledding: Experience the thrill of being pulled by a pack of huskies in a winter wonderland. Enjoy the beauty and solitude of the snow-covered wilderness as you glide through the snow. Try dog sledding at Cairngorm Sleddog Centre in Scotland or Arctic Quest in Yorkshire.
  39. Downhill mountain biking: Get your adrenaline pumping as you race down steep and challenging trails. Feel the rush of wind as you navigate over rocks, jumps, and drops. Try downhill mountain biking at BikePark Wales in Merthyr Tydfil or Fort William in Scotland.
  40. Dragon boating: Paddle your way to victory with a team of friends or colleagues in this exciting water sport. Feel the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of working together as a team. Try dragon boating at Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre in London or Manchester Canoe Club.
  41. Dragonfly spotting: Marvel at the delicate beauty and agility of dragonflies as they flit and dart through the air. Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature as you observe these fascinating creatures. Try dragonfly spotting at Rutland Water Nature Reserve or Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire.
  42. Dune bashing: Get your heart racing as you speed over the sand dunes in a 4×4 vehicle. Experience the excitement of off-road driving and the thrill of being in the desert. Book dune bashing through Adventure Tours UK in Devon or Red Letter Days in Wales.
  43. Electric bike tours: Explore the countryside and scenic routes in a fun and eco-friendly way. Enjoy the beauty of nature while effortlessly cycling along with an electric bike. Experience the thrill of riding uphill with ease, and the freedom to go further than you ever thought possible. You can book e-bike tours in the Cotswolds with Pedego Electric Bikes, or the Lake District with Lake District Electric Bike Hire.
  44. Falconry: Get up close and personal with majestic birds of prey and learn about their hunting and flying abilities. Experience the thrill of handling a trained bird and watch them fly through the sky with grace and power. You can book falconry experiences at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover, or the North East Falconry Centre in County Durham.
  45. Farmer’s markets: Support local farmers and artisans while enjoying fresh, seasonal produce and handmade products. Experience the vibrant atmosphere and community spirit of a bustling market. Enjoy the Borough Market in London, or the Bath Farmers Market in Bath.
  46. Farm visits: Learn about farm life, animal care, and the process of food production in a hands-on and educational way. Enjoy interacting with farm animals and exploring the beautiful countryside. There are many great farms in the UK that you can visit – some examples are Bocketts Farm Park in Surrey, or White Post Farm in Nottinghamshire.
  47. Fishing: Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of fishing while surrounded by beautiful scenery. Experience the thrill of reeling in a catch and the satisfaction of preparing and cooking your own fresh fish.
  48. Fly fishing: Learn the art and technique of fly fishing in a tranquil and beautiful setting. Enjoy the challenge of catching elusive fish with this graceful and meditative form of angling. Try fly fishing in the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders, or Rutland Water in Leicestershire.
  49. Food festivals: Celebrate and indulge in a diverse range of food and drink from around the world. Experience the excitement and energy of a festival while discovering new flavors and culinary techniques. Check out the Big Feastival in the Cotswolds, or the Abergavenny Food Festival in Wales.
  50. Football matches: Cheer on your favorite team or experience the electric atmosphere of a live football match. Enjoy the thrill of watching skilled athletes battle it out on the field. If you’ve no particular team to support, it’s always an incredible experience attending a Premier League match at Old Trafford in Manchester.
  51. Foraging: Learn about the abundance of wild edible plants and mushrooms that grow in the countryside. Experience the thrill of searching for and gathering your own food while connecting with nature. Try Wild Food UK foraging courses in various locations across the country, or the Fat Hen wild food foraging and cookery school in Cornwall.
  52. Forest bathing: Immerse yourself in the healing and rejuvenating power of nature. Experience the calming and restorative effects of spending time in a forest and connect with the natural world. Try Shinrin Yoku Forest Therapy in various locations across the country, or the Forest Bathing Institute in the New Forest.
  53. Fossil hunting: Uncover the secrets of the past by searching for fossils in the great outdoors. Discover ancient marine creatures, plants, and other fascinating remnants of life that have been preserved in the rocks. The UK is home to many fossil-rich locations, including the Jurassic Coast in Dorset and the beaches of Whitby in Yorkshire.
  54. Frisbee golf: Combine the fun of playing frisbee with the challenge of golf in this unique sport. Navigate through a course of targets with your frisbee, trying to hit them in the fewest throws possible. Enjoy the fresh air and friendly competition in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The UK has many frisbee golf courses, including Quarry Park in Shropshire and Ashton Court in Bristol.
  55. Garden tours: Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of gardens by taking a tour. Discover the diverse flora and fauna, learn about the history and design of the gardens, and relax in their serene ambiance. The UK has many stunning gardens to explore, including Kew Gardens in London, the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, and the Eden Project in Cornwall.
  56. Geocaching: Embark on a treasure hunt adventure by using GPS to locate hidden containers, or geocaches, around the world. Discover new places, solve puzzles, and share your experiences with a global community of geocachers. The UK has thousands of geocaches waiting to be found, from urban areas to the countryside.
  57. Ghost tours: Explore the dark and mysterious side of history by taking a ghost tour. Learn about the spooky tales and legends associated with haunted locations, and experience the spine-tingling atmosphere of the supernatural. The UK has many haunted places and ghost tours to choose from, including the Edinburgh Ghost Tour and the London Ghost Bus Tour.
  58. Glamping: Experience the great outdoors in comfort and style by glamping. Enjoy the beauty of nature while staying in luxurious tents, cabins, or treehouses equipped with all the modern amenities. The UK has many glamping options, from the idyllic countryside to the rugged coastline.
  59. Gliding: Soar like a bird and experience the freedom of flight in a glider. Enjoy the stunning views from high above and learn about the art of gliding. The UK has many gliding clubs, including the London Gliding Club and the Scottish Gliding Centre.
  60. Go-kart racing: Get your adrenaline pumping and test your driving skills on a go-kart track. Enjoy the thrill of speed and competition in a safe and controlled environment. The UK has many go-karting venues, including Teamsport Karting and Daytona Karting.
  61. Golfing: Take a swing at the challenge of golf, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings of the course, and work on your technique while having fun. There are many golf courses to choose from in the UK, including the world-famous St. Andrews Old Course in Scotland.
  62. Gorge Walking: Explore the natural beauty of the UK’s rivers and valleys by taking part in gorge walking. Climb, swim, and scramble your way through stunning landscapes, while experiencing the thrill of adventure. The Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales is a popular location for gorge walking
  63. Greyhound Racing: Experience the excitement of greyhound racing, where these beautiful and athletic dogs reach impressive speeds as they race around the track. Place a bet and cheer on your favorite dog, and enjoy a fun evening out. There are several greyhound racing tracks across the UK, such as Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium in Manchester.
  64. Hang Gliding: Soar like a bird through the skies and enjoy breathtaking views of the countryside by trying hang gliding. Experience the rush of adrenaline as you glide through the air, and make unforgettable memories. The South Downs in Sussex is a popular location for hang gliding.
  65. Highland Games: Immerse yourself in Scottish culture and tradition by attending a Highland Games event. Enjoy a variety of athletic competitions, such as caber tossing and tug-of-war, as well as music, dance, and food. The Braemar Gathering in Aberdeenshire is one of the most famous Highland Games events in Scotland.
  66. Highlining: Challenge yourself and test your balance by trying highlining, a form of slacklining that takes place at great heights. Traverse a narrow webbing line suspended between two points, such as cliffs or buildings, and enjoy the stunning views. The Peak District in Derbyshire is a popular location for highlining.
  67. Hiking: Lace up your boots and take a hike to explore the natural beauty of the UK’s countryside. Enjoy fresh air, exercise, and stunning views while discovering new trails and wildlife. There are countless hiking routes to choose from, including the West Highland Way in Scotland.
  68. Historical Reenactments: Step back in time and experience history first-hand by attending a historical reenactment event. Watch as costumed performers recreate scenes from the past, and learn about different eras and cultures. The Battle of Hastings reenactment in East Sussex is a popular event.
  69. Horse Racing: Dress up and place your bets on the horses at a horse racing event, and enjoy the thrill of the race as the horses thunder down the track. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a first-timer, horse racing is a fun day out. Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire is one of the most famous horse racing venues in the UK
  70. Horse Riding: Connect with these magnificent animals and enjoy the beauty of the UK’s countryside by trying horse riding. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, horse riding is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. There are many riding schools and equestrian centers across the UK, such as Treworgey Equestrian Centre in Cornwall.
  71. Horse Surfing: Take horse riding to the next level by trying horse surfing, a unique activity that involves surfing whilst holding a horse through the waves. Experience the thrill of the surf and the power of these magnificent animals, and make unforgettable memories. The beach at St. Agnes in Cornwall is a popular location for horse surfing.
  72. Hot Air Balloon Rides: Soar through the skies and take in breathtaking views from high above with a hot air balloon ride. Whether it’s a sunrise or sunset ride, you’ll experience a sense of adventure and tranquility like no other. Companies like Virgin Balloon Flights and Ballooning Network offer hot air balloon rides across the UK.
  73. Hot Spring Bathing: Relax and unwind in the natural mineral-rich waters of hot springs. Soak in the warm waters and let the soothing heat melt away your stress and tension. Thermae Bath Spa in Bath and the Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire are just a couple of examples of hot spring baths you can visit in the UK.
  74. Husky Sledding: Feel the thrill of gliding through snowy landscapes with a team of enthusiastic huskies pulling your sled. Experience the beautiful winter scenery and learn about the unique history of dog sledding. You can try husky sledding in the UK at locations such as the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre in Aviemore, Scotland or the Arctica Dog Sled Centre in Leicestershire.
  75. Hydro-Zorbing: Roll down hills inside a giant inflatable ball filled with water for an adrenaline-fueled adventure. Get ready for an unforgettable and bumpy ride as you roll and splash through the water. Hydro-zorbing can be enjoyed in many locations in the UK, including the Dordale Adventure Centre in Gloucestershire and Adventure Cheshire in Nantwich.
  76. Ice Climbing: Ascend frozen waterfalls and ice formations for a thrilling and challenging adventure. You’ll need strength, skill and courage as you use ice axes and crampons to climb your way up the icy terrain. Some of the best ice climbing locations in the UK include the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District, and Snowdonia National Park.
  77. Ice Diving: Dive into the icy depths of a frozen lake or sea for a unique and exhilarating experience. See the frozen world from a new perspective and marvel at the beauty of the underwater landscape. You can go ice diving at locations such as the Capernwray Diving Centre in Lancashire or the NDAC Chepstow in South Wales
  78. Ice Fishing: Get your fishing gear and drill a hole in the ice to catch fish in the freezing cold. Experience the serenity and peacefulness of fishing in the winter, and enjoy a fresh catch for dinner. Some popular locations for ice fishing in the UK include the Lake District, Loch Lomond, and the Cairngorms National Park.
  79. Ice Skating: Glide across the ice at a rink and enjoy a fun and energetic activity with family or friends. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, ice skating is a great way to stay active during the winter months. Some of the best ice skating rinks in the UK can be found in London, such as Somerset House or the Natural History Museum Ice Rink.
  80. Ice Skating on Natural Ice: Experience the thrill of skating on frozen lakes or ponds for a unique and picturesque activity. Bundle up and enjoy the natural beauty of frozen waterways in the winter. Some popular locations for ice skating on natural ice in the UK include Lake Windermere, Grasmere Lake, and the Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park. Please ensure you understand safety guidance before attempting this activity.
  81. Jet Skiing: Speed across the waves on a powerful personal watercraft for an exciting and adventurous activity. Explore the coast and feel the wind in your hair as you race through the water. Jet skiing can be enjoyed at locations such as the South West Coast, Brighton Marina, and Poole Harbour.
  82. Kayaking: Paddle your way through rivers and lakes for a relaxing and enjoyable activity. Kayaking is a great way to explore the natural beauty of the UK’s waterways and stay active. Some popular kayaking locations in the UK include the River Wye, Loch Lomond, and the Norfolk Broads.
  83. Kite Buggying: Feel the wind in your face as you race across the beach in a three-wheeled buggy, pulled by the power of a kite. Experience the thrill of this high-speed activity and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the UK’s coastlines. Some popular kite buggying locations in the UK include Camber Sands in East Sussex, Westward Ho! in Devon, and St. Annes Beach in Lancashire.
  84. Kite festivals: Enjoy a spectacular display of colorful kites flying high in the sky at a kite festival. Watch kite-flying demonstrations, participate in kite-making workshops, and enjoy food and live music. Examples: Portsmouth International Kite Festival, Bristol International Kite Festival.
  85. Kite landboarding: Combine the excitement of kite flying with the thrill of land-based sports like skateboarding and snowboarding. Use a kite to propel yourself across a beach or open field on a landboard. Examples: Camber Sands, Hoylake Beach.
  86. Kite surfing: Experience the rush of gliding across the water’s surface while being pulled by a kite. Learn the basics from a qualified instructor and then hit the waves. Examples: Cornwall, Poole Harbour.
  87. Laser tag battles: Get your adrenaline pumping with a game of laser tag, a high-tech version of hide-and-seek that involves shooting lasers at your opponents. Play in an indoor arena or an outdoor battlefield. Examples: Laser Quest, Laser Tag Hull.
  88. Lawn games (croquet, bocce ball, etc.): Unwind with a friendly game of lawn games, including croquet and bocce ball. These traditional games are easy to learn and perfect for outdoor gatherings with friends and family. Examples: Buckingham Palace Gardens, Green Park.
  89. Medieval falconry displays: Get up close and personal with birds of prey and experience the art of medieval falconry. Watch demonstrations of birds in flight, learn about their natural habitats, and even hold a bird of prey yourself. Examples: Warwick Castle, Leeds Castle.
  90. Metal detecting: Become a treasure hunter and explore the beaches, fields, and forests of the UK with a metal detector. Discover hidden artifacts and objects from the past. Examples: Sussex, Norfolk.
  91. Mini-golfing: Putt your way through a miniature golf course filled with fun obstacles and challenging holes. Perfect for all ages and skill levels. Examples: Swingers Crazy Golf, Junkyard Golf Club.
  92. Mountain boarding: Combine the skills of snowboarding and skateboarding with mountain boarding, an adrenaline-pumping extreme sport that involves riding down a mountain on a specially-designed board. Examples: The Snow Centre, The Welsh Mountain Boarding Company.
  93. Mountaineering: Scale the heights and challenge yourself with mountaineering. With a variety of peaks and terrains across the UK, there’s no shortage of routes to choose from. Try the iconic Snowdonia in Wales or the breathtaking Scottish Highlands.
  94. Mud runs: Get down and dirty with mud runs, a fun and challenging obstacle course that will test your physical limits. There are many events and courses to try in the UK, including the infamous Tough Mudder, Pretty Muddy and Spartan Race.
  95. Mushroom hunting: Put your foraging skills to the test with mushroom hunting. The UK has many wild and cultivated varieties to discover, and with the right guidance, you can learn to safely identify and collect them. Try the New Forest in Hampshire or the Scottish Highlands.
  96. Music festivals: Experience the thrill of live music at music festivals. From big names to up-and-coming artists, there’s a festival for every taste and genre. Some popular festivals in the UK include Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, and the Isle of Wight festival.
  97. Nature walks: Explore the beauty of nature with a peaceful nature walk. The UK is home to many stunning parks, forests, and trails to discover, including the Lake District and the South Downs National Park.
  98. Off-roading: Take on the challenge of off-roading and conquer tough terrains with a 4×4 vehicle or quad bike. Try off-roading in the Cotswolds, North Yorkshire or the Scottish Highlands.
  99. Open-air concerts: Enjoy music and performances under the stars with open-air concerts. The UK has many outdoor venues that host concerts and events, such as Kew the Music in London, Live at the Marquee in Cork, and the Cardiff Castle Concert Series.
  100. Orienteering: Test your navigation and map-reading skills with orienteering. With events and courses across the UK, including national parks and forests, there’s plenty of opportunities to give it a go.
  101. Outdoor cinema: Watch your favourite films under the stars with outdoor cinema. The UK has a growing number of outdoor cinema events and screenings, such as Luna Cinema, Rooftop Film Club and The Alfresco Film Company.
  102. Outdoor obstacle courses: Take on a challenging and fun outdoor obstacle course. From zip lines to rope courses, there are many courses and events to try, such as Go Ape and Wild Forest in the Lake District.
  103. Outdoor theatre: Experience theatre in the great outdoors with outdoor theatre. From Shakespeare to musicals, there are many shows and performances to enjoy, such as the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre in London and the Minack Theatre in Cornwall.
  104. Paddleboarding with dogs: Enjoy some bonding time with your furry friend and take them paddleboarding with you. Many beaches and lakes across the UK allow dogs, such as Fistral Beach in Cornwall, The Lake District, and Loch Lomond.
  105. Paintballing: Duck and weave your way through a thrilling game of paintball, testing your strategy and teamwork skills. Try out paintballing at venues like Delta Force Paintball, UK Paintball and Bedlam Paintball.
  106. Painted rock hunting: Join in on the latest craze by searching for painted rocks hidden in public places. This family-friendly activity can be found in many UK towns and cities, with groups such as UK Rocks and Love on the Rocks providing helpful tips and resources for getting started.
  107. Paragliding: Soar through the skies and take in the breathtaking views on a paragliding adventure. Experience the thrill of flying with companies like Airways Airsports and SkySchool UK.
  108. Paraskiing: Combine the excitement of skiing with the thrill of parasailing on a paraskiing adventure. Experience this unique activity at locations like Llangorse Multi Activity Centre and Snowdonia Paragliding.
  109. Parkour: Run, jump, climb and swing your way through an urban obstacle course with parkour. Improve your physical fitness and coordination while exploring your surroundings in a new way. Join classes with organisations like Parkour Generations or try it at a dedicated parkour park like the one in London’s Waterloo.
  110. Parkruns: Join the weekly free 5km runs in parks and open spaces across the UK. Enjoy a friendly and supportive atmosphere while working on your fitness. Find your nearest Parkrun on their website.
  111. Pick-your-own farms: Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air while picking your own fruit and vegetables. Sample the produce as you go and take home a delicious bounty. Find local pick-your-own farms at Pick Your Own Farms.
  112. Pilates classes: Strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and reduce stress with outdoor Pilates.
  113. Polo matches: Watch the sport of kings in action and enjoy a day of glamour and excitement at a polo match. Attend events like the Chestertons Polo in the Park, the International Polo Day and the Royal Windsor Cup.
  114. Powerboating: Experience the thrill of high-speed water sports with powerboating. Feel the wind in your hair and the spray on your face as you race across the waves. Try it out with companies like Solent Boat Training and Thunderbolt Marine.
  115. Pétanque matches: Enjoy a leisurely game of Pétanque, a French boules game played with metal balls, at your local club or pub. Try joining a club or find a local event through the English Pétanque Association.
  116. Quad biking: Get your adrenaline pumping with a quad biking adventure through rugged terrain. Try it out at venues like Quad Nation, Quad Challenge and Quad Safari.
  117. Quadcopter Flying: Take to the skies with a remote-controlled quadcopter, exploring the world from a bird’s-eye view. Enjoy the freedom to fly and capture stunning aerial footage of your surroundings. Try it out at the UK’s first drone flying park, Flyby Technology Park in Northamptonshire.
  118. Raft Building: Put your teamwork and creativity to the test by building your own raft and navigating it through the water. This fun and challenging activity is perfect for groups and is offered at various locations in the UK, including the Lake District and Scotland.
  119. Regattas: Experience the thrill of competitive rowing at a regatta, where teams from around the world compete in races along rivers and lakes. Enjoy the festive atmosphere and support your favorite teams at events such as the Henley Royal Regatta and the Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club Regatta.
  120. Reindeer Sledding: Journey through the snow-covered forests of Lapland, pulled by a team of majestic reindeer. This unique experience is offered in the UK at the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre in Scotland.
  121. Rock Climbing: Challenge yourself both physically and mentally by scaling rocky cliffs and crags. The UK is home to some of the best climbing destinations in the world, including the Peak District, Snowdonia, and the Scottish Highlands.
  122. Rock Pool Exploring: Discover the fascinating world of marine life by exploring the rock pools along the UK’s coastline. Observe creatures such as crabs, starfish, and anemones in their natural habitat at locations such as Porth Ysgaden in Wales and St. Mary’s Island in Northumberland.
  123. Roller Skating: Strap on a pair of roller skates and glide along the pavement, enjoying the freedom and exhilaration of skating.
  124. Rugby Matches: Join in the excitement of a live rugby match and cheer on your favorite team as they battle it out on the field. The UK is home to some of the world’s best rugby teams, including the English Premiership and the Six Nations Championship.
  125. Sailing: Feel the wind in your hair and the spray of the sea as you sail along the UK’s stunning coastline. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a beginner, there are plenty of opportunities to sail in the UK, including at locations such as the Isle of Wight and the Scottish Islands.
  126. Sandboarding: Experience the thrill of surfing on sand dunes, gliding down steep slopes and catching air off jumps. Try it out at locations such as the Northumberland Coast and the Welsh Sand Dunes.
  127. Sandcastle Building Competitions: Put your creativity and building skills to the test by participating in a sandcastle building competition. These fun events take place all over the UK, including the annual Weston-super-Mare Sand Sculpture Festival.
  128. Scenic Drives: Take in the breathtaking landscapes of the UK by embarking on a scenic drive. Explore the winding roads of the Scottish Highlands or the coastal roads of the South West, taking in the stunning scenery at your own pace.
  129. Scenic Railway Journeys: Sit back and relax as you journey through some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes on a scenic railway ride. Enjoy stunning views of mountains, lakes, and coastline on routes such as the West Highland Line and the Settle-Carlisle Railway.
  130. Scrambling: Combine hiking with rock climbing by scrambling up steep slopes and rocky ridges. Try it out at locations such as Snowdonia National Park and the Lake District.
  131. Scuba Diving: Explore the underwater world and discover the amazing marine life through scuba diving. There are many dive sites around the UK, including in Cornwall, Dorset, and Scotland.
  132. Sea Fishing: Head out to the sea and catch your dinner while enjoying the stunning coastal views. There are many fishing trips available in the UK, including in Brighton, Brixham, and Scarborough.
  133. Sea Kayaking: Glide through the waves and explore the rugged coastline of the UK by sea kayak. There are many sea kayaking tours available, including in the Scottish Highlands, Pembrokeshire, and the Isle of Skye.
  134. Segway Tours: Explore the countryside or the city in a unique and fun way with a Segway tour. There are many Segway tour operators in the UK, including in Bath, Liverpool, and the Lake District.
  135. Sheep Herding: Learn the skills of a sheepdog handler and herd sheep in the stunning countryside of the UK. There are many sheep herding experiences available, including in the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, and Welsh Mountains.
  136. Skateboarding: Experience the thrill of skateboarding and perfect your skills on halfpipes or street circuits. There are many skateparks in the UK, including The Level in Brighton, Ramp City in Blackpool, and The Works Skatepark in Leeds.
  137. Skiing: Hit the slopes and enjoy the winter wonderland while skiing in the UK. There are many ski resorts in the UK, including Glencoe Mountain Resort in Scotland, The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, and Snozone in Milton Keynes.
  138. Ski Jumping: Take skiing to the next level and try ski jumping. There are many dry ski slopes in the UK where you can learn and practice, including the Hillend Ski Centre in Edinburgh and the Ackers Adventure Centre in Birmingham.
  139. Skydiving: Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush and jump out of a plane while skydiving. There are many skydiving centers in the UK, including in Salisbury, Bridlington, and Swansea.
  140. Slackline Yoga: Improve your balance, focus, and core strength with slackline yoga. There are many yoga centers and parks in the UK where you can try slackline yoga, including in London, Manchester, and Bristol.
  141. Slacklining: Test your balance skills on a narrow strap suspended between two points. Try it at Hyde Park in London or Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.
  142. Sledging: Experience the thrill of sliding down a snow-covered slope. Try it at the Cairngorm Mountain in Scotland or the Snowdome in Tamworth.
  143. Snipe hunting: Go on a hunting adventure for this elusive bird. Try it in the Scottish Highlands or the Norfolk Broads.
  144. Snorkelling: Explore the underwater world and see amazing marine creatures up close. Try it in the clear waters of Cornwall or the Isle of Skye.
  145. Snowboarding: Glide down snow-covered slopes and perform tricks. There are plenty of dry slopes to do this outdoors and you can also try it at the indoor snow centers in Manchester or Hemel Hempstead.
  146. Snowkiting: Combine snowboarding and kitesurfing for a unique experience. Try it at the Glenshee Ski Center in Scotland or the Lake District.
  147. Snowmobiling: Ride a motorized sled across the snow and feel the rush of speed. Try it at the Cairngorm Mountain in Scotland or the Welsh Mountains.
  148. Snowshoe hiking: Explore snowy landscapes with special footwear that allows you to walk on top of the snow. Try it in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland or the Lake District.
  149. Snow tubing: Slide down snow-covered hills on a large inflatable tube. Try it at the Chill Factore in Manchester or the Snowdome in Tamworth.
  150. Spearfishing: Catch your own dinner by spearfishing in the sea. Try it in the waters around Cornwall with a Spearfishing Charter, or the Isle of Skye.
  151. Stand-up paddleboard fishing: Combine fishing and paddleboarding for a unique adventure. Try it on the River Wye in Herefordshire or the Lake District.
  152. Stand-up paddleboarding: Explore the waterways while standing on a board and using a paddle. Try it in the Cotswold Water Park or the Norfolk Broads.
  153. Stand-up paddleboard yoga: Combine yoga and paddleboarding for a relaxing workout on the water. Try it at the Serpentine Lido in London or the Cotswold Water Park.
  154. Stargazing: Observe the beauty of the night sky and learn about astronomy. Try it at the Galloway Forest Park in Scotland or the Brecon Beacons in Wales.
  155. Streetluge: Slide down hills on a special board and reach high speeds. Try it at the Thrill Hill Outdoor Centre in Devon or the Llandow Circuit in Wales.
  156. Surfing: Ride the waves and experience the thrill of the sea. Try it at Fistral Beach in Cornwall or the Scottish surf spots in Thurso and Dunbar.
  157. Tennis matches: Watch the pros play or join in on the fun at public courts. Try it at Wimbledon in London or the Devonshire Park Tennis Center in Eastbourne.
  158. Tobogganing: Ride down snowy hills on a sled. Try it at the Cairngorm Mountain in Scotland or the Snowdome in Tamworth.
  159. Trail running: Run through stunning scenery on trails and off-road paths. Try it in the Lake District or the Brecon Beacons.
  160. Treasure hunts: Solve clues and follow a trail to find hidden treasures. Try it at the Greenwich Maritime Museum in London or the Treasure Trails in Cornwall.
  161. Tree-top adventures: Climb and zip-line through tree canopies. Try it at Go Ape in various locations across the UK or the Tree Top Adventure in Manchester.
  162. Ultimate frisbee tournaments: Compete in this fast-paced, team sport that combines elements of soccer and American football. Try it at the Ultimate Frisbee UK national tournaments or the London Ultimate Club.
  163. Ultralight Aircraft Flying: Take to the skies in a lightweight, one or two-seater aircraft that you can fly yourself. Ultralight aircraft flying offers an exhilarating experience, giving you the chance to enjoy the freedom of the skies and the stunning views from above. You can try ultralight aircraft flying at several locations throughout the UK, such as North Wales, Devon, and Somerset.
  164. Via Ferrata: Navigate through a series of iron ladders, cables, and bridges on a steep rock face. Can be tried in Honister Pass in the Lake District.
  165. Wakeboarding: Ride on a board while being towed by a motorboat. Can be tried in various lakes and water parks across the UK, such as Lagoon Watersports in Brighton.
  166. Walking tours: Take a guided tour of a city or town on foot. Can be tried in various cities across the UK, such as London, Edinburgh, and Bath.
  167. Waterskiing: Similar to wakeboarding, but on two skis instead of a board. Can be tried in various lakes and water parks across the UK, such as Liquid Leisure in Berkshire.
  168. White water rafting: Ride the rapids of a fast-flowing river on an inflatable raft. Can be tried in various locations across the UK, such as the River Tay in Scotland and the River Tryweryn in Wales.
  169. Wild camping: Camp in the wilderness without designated campsites. Can be tried in various areas across the UK, such as Dartmoor National Park and the Scottish Highlands.
  170. Wildlife parks: Visit a park that is home to various species of animals. Can be tried in various locations across the UK, such as Longleat Safari Park and Chester Zoo.
  171. Wildlife photography: Take photos of animals in their natural habitats. Can be tried in various locations across the UK, such as the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland and the New Forest in England.
  172. Wild swimming: Swim in natural bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. Can be tried in various locations across the UK, such as the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye and the Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire.
  173. Windsurfing: Ride on a board while using a sail to catch the wind. Can be tried in various coastal locations across the UK, such as Poole Harbour and the Isle of Wight.
  174. Wine tasting: Sample different types of wine and learn about the production process. Can be tried at various wineries across the UK, such as the Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire.
  175. Wing walking: Strap yourself to the top wing of a biplane and experience acrobatic maneuvers in mid-air. Can be tried at various locations across the UK, such as the Breighton Airfield in Yorkshire.
  176. Winter hiking: Hike through snow-covered landscapes during the winter season. Can be tried in various areas across the UK, such as the Cairngorms National Park and the Lake District.
  177. Winter mountaineering: Scale snow and ice-covered peaks during the winter season. Can be tried in various areas across the UK, such as Ben Nevis in Scotland and Snowdon in Wales.
  178. Zip lining: Glide on a cable from one platform to another. Can be tried in various locations across the UK, such as Go Ape! in various forests and Zip World in North Wales.
  179. Zoo visits: Visit a zoo and see various species of animals. Can be tried in various locations across the UK, such as London Zoo and Edinburgh Zoo.
  180. Zorbing: Roll downhill in a giant inflatable ball. Can be tried in various locations across the UK, such as the Dorset countryside and the Lake District.

We hope this list of outdoor activities has inspired you to go outdoors and try something new in the UK. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or a peaceful escape into nature, there’s something for everyone. But, we’re always looking to expand our list and discover new activities. If you have any other outdoor activities to suggest, please leave a comment or get in touch! We’d love to hear from you and add your suggestions to our list. So, let’s continue exploring the great outdoors in the UK and all it has to offer!

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