10 Road Trip Essentials

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& it’s Labor Day Weekend.

So many people travel during this holiday because we all get a long weekend and we like to celebrate… like.. having jobs I guess. Kyle and I are all road tripped out after this summer so we’re staying local – and we hate traffic so I doubt we would have ventured out for this weekend anyways – BUT – I wanted to share my must haves for road tripping since we do it all the time. Flying with a family of 5 is so expensive, and we moved so much, I literally feel like I grew up in my parent’s mini van. SO HERE IT IS:

1. A Killer Playlist: When Kyle and I travel together, having a playlist is a MUST. We use Spotify and we’re obsessed with it. It’s sort of like Pandora except you and type in a song or artist and listen to that song or artist. You can even create your own playlists in the app, which we looooove. Our usual is 2000’s hip hop: 50 cent, Mariah Carey, Ciara, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Usher – ALL THE BEST. Sometimes we’ll venture into 80’s classic rock, emo bands from my middle school years, or Kyle’s jam bands.

2. Snackage: Depending on where you’re traveling to, you may not have the option to stop for food the second you get hungry, and if you get hangry like me, then it’s important you bring some snacks with you. I love to pack rice cakes, Belvita Breakfast Biscuits, lots of water, and some kind of salty snack!

3. Pillows & Blankies: Being comfy in a car for hours and hours and hours is not easy. Actually, it’s like, impossible. So I always make sure to bring things that make me comfortable. It doesn’t fix everything, but it definitely makes it 100x better!

4. Good Company: Kyle is so fun to drive with because we’re like, best friends. But I can’t imagine being in a car for a road trip with someone that wasn’t exciting or fun to be around, or at least, easy to talk to! DEFINITELY make sure to bring good company with you!! And if they’re not, I pray there are more people in the car with you so you can put in your headphones and zone out.

5. THE WAZE APP: This app is a BLESSING. If you run into traffic on your route this app will tell you why. It’s interactive so anyone on the road with this app can be seen on your phone screen! People can alert others on the road of accidents, police, fires, things on the side of the road, and you can talk back and forth with other drivers about the traffic and where to go instead. IT’S AWESOME.

6. Yeti Cup/Yeti-Like Cup: These cups are a must for me because I am addicted to ice water and I need it by my side at all times. I guess I could be addicted to worse things…. The ice never melts in these cups, so I always bring mine!

7. GPS & A Map: GPS because it’s 100 times easier to follow, but say your battery dies, you lose signal, or it just decided to up and quit on you?? Most would say “use your phone!” but GOD FORBID you don’t have cell reception. That is what nightmares are made of for me – no cell service, so GPS signal, lost somewhere I’m not familiar with. Nope. Always carry a map! I have a map of each state in the US that I keep in my car – just in case.

8. BE PREPARED: Get your oil changed if you need it, put air in your tires, make sure everything’s all good before you RELY ON IT TO RUN FOR HOURS ON END. I mean, if we think about it, it’s a lot to put on a car! Especially if you’re driving in the mountains. Bring flashlights, a spare tire, food and water, etc. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

9. Necessary Meds: No one wants diarrhoea or a splitting headache while they’re in a car for 12 hours. Bring your medicine.

10. Audio Books, Real Books, & Podcasts: If you’re in a car with a bunch of people (like traveling with family) sometimes it’s nice to put in your headphones and zone out. Books and podcasts are perfect for solo ears because you don’t have to agree on something with 5+ other people! You can listen to whatever you want & it’s the best.

If you’re traveling this weekend, BE SAFE, be prepared, & HAVE FUN!!


This article by Kayleigh originally appeared on wildlightandlush.com.

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