Silver Island Mountains, Wendover Utah

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The Silver Island Mountains are a small chain of rugged peaks that jut into the Bonneville Salt Flats north east from Wendover Utah. The range is almost completely devoid of plant life above the foothills and the different levels and colors of rock can clearly be seen. The beauty of this range comes from its lack of vegetation and the peaks themselves. The ever changing scenery, especially on the eastern side makes for many great photo ops. Evidence of mining can be found and we saw several mines high up on the side of the mountain with tailings below the entrance. The east side of the trail is much more dramatic and gets you closer to the mountains and the salt flat. Take extra time on this side. At the north end of the trail is a small mountain in the salt flats called Floating Island. The trip was very enjoyable and easy going. One small wash gives this track a difficulty rating of 2 stars. The road is well maintained and marked. A cutoff at the midway point that is marked and maintained.

How to get there: Take I 80 to exit 4. The exit is marked as the Bonneville Speedway exit and is just east of Wendover UT. Head north from the exit to a fork in the road. Take the left hand fork and continue up the road about 1/2 mile and you will see a sign indicating the start of the trail on the right hand side. To get to the Bonneville Speedway go right at the fork in the road.


  • Watch out for sheep and sheep dogs (one chased us and we had to stop)
  • There are many side trails but not all are maintained or marked. Know your limits. Some trails are off limits to motor vehicles.
  • The entire Silver Mountain range can be seen from the Bonneville Speedway just east of the starting point.
  • There are no trees or shade on the trail so cover up and bring sun screen.
  • Last gas before the trail is at exit 4 right off I 80, just before the start of the trail. If this station is closed you will have to go into Wendover.
  • There is also a trail that divides the mountains in half and allows you to cut through the middle the loop. We where not able to take the cut off but it is maintained by the state and should not be hard to travel.
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Image source: Octopup

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