Abu Garcia Revo SX and Toro

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Lately, my anticipated leave from work has become unbearably boring. I wasn’t able to plan that much. The only thing that I kept in mind was that when I finally can have the time off from work, I would just do nothing but lay in front of the television and watch reruns all day. Sad to say, that plan did not work out as planned. I am now stuck with nothing to do and fifteen days of vacation.

So I decided to go fishing. I can’t really remember the last time I went fishing but I’m pretty sure I haven’t forgotten the basics which my dad taught me.

The first thing I needed to do was check my equipment. True enough, I had to buy myself another reel.

Since then, I had been an Abu Garcia Revo Reels fan. Unfortunately the one I had is currently with my dad, and I just can’t fly over to his place just to get it, and it would also take time for him to send it to me.

Therefore, I went down to the local mall and sought for myself another Abu Garcia Revo reel.

Abu Garcia Revo has released two world-known baitcast reels, the Abu Garcia Revo SX and the Abu Garcia Revo Toro. I got torn in between. The one I previously owned was the Abu Garcia Revo SX.

To make it simple here are the reasons why I liked the Abu Garcia Revo SX:

  • It was made of aluminum alloy which makes it corrosion resistant.
  • It was more durable and lighter compared to the reels made of regular aluminum.
  • It had an Infini II spool which allowed me smooth casting and long distance.
  • 10 ball bearings
  • It had a Carbon Matrix Drag System which makes the drag ultra smooth
  • There were no problems with their Linear Magnetic Brake System.
  • It had a compact bent handle and star which makes it easy to handle plus, I am left handed and the model I bought was for left handed people!

The only negative thing about the Revo SX was that it tends to backlash whenever I went fishing on a windy day. So, even though it had numerous of great features in it, those windy experiences alone would make a good reason to try the Abu Garcia Revo Toro.

I thought hard if I should try the newest addition to the Abu Garcia Revo reels collection. But anyway, I decided to buy it. I most especially like to fish in salt water, therefore I proceeded in testing my new purchase the next day. What with my experience with the Abu Garcia Revo SX, I found that using the Abu Garcia Revo Toro is easy.

By far, it has never failed to meet my expectations as well as the expectations of the demands of Abu Garcia’s customers who demanded for a large line capacity low profile.

The Revo Toro has a 7 HPCR corrosion resistant bearings a one step improvement of my previous reel. It has larger gears and an X-Crattic alloy frame and side plate which provided me with more power and durability in either salt or fresh water! I was even able to reel in a huge fish with its line capacity of 200yds of 14lb test.

It has provided me the same sleek and comfortable design of low profile reel while its line power like the traditional round reels is being maintained.

Here is an outline:

Origin: Korea

Line Capacity (lb/yds)- 14/200

Gear Ratio- 5.4:1(50), 6.4:1(50-HS)

Weight- 10.3oz

Available Retrieves- Right and Left hand

Number of Bearings- 7

Additional Features-

  • X-Craftic aluminum alloy frame
  • Side plate
  • Corrosion Resistant HPCR bearings
  • Duragear
  • Carbon Matrix drag system
  • Infini II spool
  • Six-pin brake system
  • Synchronized levelwind
  • Line alarm
  • Two handles: Extended Throw, Paddle handle

Finally, I am not saying that I am already an expert when it comes to reels but so far, from my experience and the experiences of my friends as well, who has also advised me to buy the Revo Toro, it has shown me excellent performance and that fishing day of my vacation has been one of my best fishing days ever.

By Josh Martinez

Image source: https://www.abugarcia.com/

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