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A few weeks ago I popped over to Paris with a friend for some lunch… and some sight-seeing and excessive walking of course!

We set off bright and early at 4.45am to catch the first train out of St Pancras to Paris and in true style we crammed in as much as possible! Not long after arriving my camera died a death thanks to a leaking water bottle (yes my heart did break a little) So I had to make the most of my iPhone – and I have no idea what I would do without it, as I really do love visiting new places and snapping away, otherwise I would of felt very lost!

After a refreshing nap on the train and with my favourite place in mind we headed straight over to Place Des Vosges to soak up everything Parisian. It seems to be my first place to go when I come to Paris, and I suppose I like the familiarity of it and the fact that it has everything Parisian written all over it – and to go exploring Le Marais after is only what you would expect Paris to ever be.

I had heard good things about Carette, and there seems to be a few dotted around Paris, so we snuck in under the heaters, ordered our expensive coffee’s and hot chocolates to unwind and set ourselves up for endless walks around the city. However many times I say that I will relax and chill more on city breaks, the more I seem to break that rule – and Paris makes it really easy for you to walk from place to place without as much as a watch check or google search. Every corner you turn there is a new building, tourist attraction or cute shops to feast your eyes on. Miles and miles you can walk without even realising, and that’s what I love about the place!

Paris can also be very expensive, as you are probably aware, so after a few indulgences with lunch and of course a must do stopover at Laduree for Macaroons, we found a mini-market not far from the Eiffel tower and bought a little picnic and bottle of wine to have under the Eiffel Tower. It’s a magical place to be and in that moment looking up at the Eiffel tower with my party cup in hand I was grateful for being there and even though had spent many hours travelling to be in that moment (to also be doing it all again in just a few hours more) I couldn’t of been happier to be there!

During our day trip we explored Le Marais, Luxemburg Gardens, Saint Germain, Montmatre and we walked along The Seine from Pont Des Arts to the Eiffel Tower

We ate at – Carette, Le Pre Aux Clercs, Laduree and Mcdonalds at the station (naturally)

I really do love re-visiting my favourite cities 🙂

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Photo by Yann Caradec from Paris, France – La Tour Eiffel vue de la Tour Saint-Jacques, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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