Moulin Rouge Paris – Review

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What is the Moulin Rouge?

The world famous French cabaret Moulin Rouge first opened its doors in 1889. Ever since it has been a popular show attracting tourists from around the world with it’s theatrical dancing and glamorous outfits that don’t leave much to the imagination!

The Moulin Rouge theatre isn’t just your average theatre. Topped with a rotating windmill and colourful lights it’s the most eye catching building in the area! As you enter the theatre everything is red – the carpet, red velour walls, curtains and the lighting in the theatre. Tables with dimly lit lamps, table service and well dressed waiters make an elegant setting for the show. Though I expected nothing less for €110 a ticket! They even have moving motorised chandeliers. Spectacular!

There are three shows on each night: 7pm, 9pm and 11pm. The cheapest show is at 9pm and the most expensive is 11pm at €180 euros per person. There is an option to include dinner with the show – for a higher price of course!

As the Moulin Rouge is famous for its historic champagne parties, the table service menu is limited simply bottles of champagne and a small selection of wines. At €90 euros for a bottle of Laurent Perrier versus a bottle of wine at €70 it almost seems silly not to open the bubbles!

When the curtains open…

The show lasts for around 90 minutes and is entertaining from start to finish. With a mainly female cast and a handful of men the show consists of a mixture of songs, dancing, scenery and crazy outfits. I have no idea if there was a story to follow or not! In between the cabaret acts were some incredibly talented people showcasing some unusual and nail biting talents. Watching a contortionist is something I will definitely never forget!

From the French Can-can to some Asian inspired dancing there is certainly enough variety to put on a great show and keep you entertained.

The show makes excellent use of motorised background scenery and stage props. Moving platforms, winding stairs and a rising stage. Although my favourite thing about the performance has to be the over the top, crazy and glamorous outfits. Expect to see a lot of female flesh!

However I found two downfalls with the performance.

Firstly this show uses live animals which I found unnecessary. Handling large snakes trapped in a water tank and dragging a herd of miniature ponies around the stage made me feel sorry for the animals. It made it feel a little bit like a circus – which in actual fact was the theme they were going for.

Secondly, a few of the performers lacked enthusiasm and good timing. Although I suppose there are a lot of people on stage to keep up with! Furthermore it was quite obvious that the singers weren’t actually singing – just miming!

The verdict

I knew very little about the Moulin Rouge cabaret before I decided to go and see it. Besides the use of animals I had an amazing time watching the Moulin Rouge. It’s a completely different theatre experience compared to the West End or Broadway. It’s a little on the expensive side but a great performance with an excellent variety of acts! If you have enough time to go here and its within your budget I recommend paying a visit.

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