Florida Scuba Diving: Key Largo and Key West

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Florida scuba diving was once the number one destination in the world. As the popularity of scuba diving grew it was no surprise that people looked out clear warm waters in which to dive. Located close to the equator and being in the south eastern part of the USA the coastline of Florida is an ideal spot.

Very few people realize that of all the states in America Florida has the greatest amount of coastline and this coastline runs from the north east of West Palm Beach all the way south to Key West before running north west into the Gulf of Mexico

Without doubt Florida’s best known scuba diving destination is Key Largo. It is easy to understand why when you realize that Key Largo has John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

Florida scuba diving enthusiasts have been going to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park for years and it contains some very unique dives.

Unique dives such as “Christ of the Abyss. Donated by Egidi Cressi in 1962 to the Underwater Society of America, this statue was sunk on its concrete base in just 22 feet of water on the seaward side of the reef.

Over the years it has received incredible interest with couples even getting married here!

The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park also has some of the most beautiful reefs in the world. Molasses Reef is well known as an underwater photographer’s paradise with stunning marine life in relatively shallow waters. Shallow clear waters and bright colors make for some great pictures.

Key Largo does not neglect those divers looking for a bigger challenge with diving sites for the experienced diver. The dive site for experienced divers is a massive wreck, the USS Spiegel Grove.

If you are planning to go wreck diving in Key Largo then do not miss this dive! The USS Spiegel Grove is the largest vessel ever intentionally sunk. She is so huge that she cannot be dived in one day. It will take several dives to thoroughly explore this enormous wreck.

Now you can see why Key Largo is so popular amongst the Florida scuba  enthusiasts with everything from beautiful reefs to deep wreck dives.

Key Largo is located at the northern end of “The Keys”. Of all The Keys it is closest to Miami and therefore very accessible from anywhere in the world.

Many people who do travel to Key Largo will also take the opportunity to drive over the seven mile bridge and travel down to Key West. Here they will find a different atmosphere than Key Largo.

Key West is also a great place to go to Florida scuba diving but it also has another main attraction, the nightlife!

This quaint colonial town has some great nightlife with the streets full of street performers and an atmosphere like nowhere else. So, many divers who go to Florida scuba diving would consider Key West the place to go if night-time entertainment was also a key factor.

The Florida scuba community continues to expand and more and more diving sites are being developed so you are never short of having a good time.

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