Blizzard Survivor Tells His Story in the New Book, ‘Behind the Mountain’

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Blizzard Survivor Tells His Story in the New Book, ‘Behind the Mountain’- Nationwide Book Launch From April Through June, 2004

Nick Williams, a former Marine and CEO, survived a blizzard in 1998 in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Written from several first-person points-of-view, this is the story from the distinct perspective of each person who went through the experience with Nick, from those searching for him, to those who took care of him day-after-day after he was rescued.

Vista, CA March 16, 2004 — Blizzard Survivor, Nick Williams first three stops will be: Chicago, San Diego, and Dallas. Ski enthusiasts, Marines, caretakers, and those looking to survive in the corporate world will want to look for ‘Behind the Mountain’ events and booksignings.

An interview with Nick will be featured in the May 2004 Edition of the Bowker Buyers Guide that will be available at the book expo in Chicago this year. Nick can also be heard on a series on radio interviews, short and long, that will play throughout the country, including an interview with Ms. Tobi Knight of KBIG and KOST Radio in the Los Angeles area, and Ms. Antoinette Kuritz of the Writers Roundtable.

Corporate Climb and the Lakeshore Athletic Club are co-sponsors of the Chicago leg of the book-tour. Corporate Climb provides an in-depth focus to help teams work together better, be more productive, and innovate more. Their unique teambuilding programs provide an exhilarating and safe experience on an indoor rock climbing wall. Participants face the types of challenges at the climbing wall that they also face in the workplace. Susan Harper, President and Co-Founder of Corporate Climb, felt this was an important event to do. This is not just a story about surviving overwhelming odds on a mountain, or in business. ‘Behind the Mountain’ dramatically demonstrates the importance of the people in our lives that enable us to be successful. As Nick reminds us, they are the true heroes.

Book Description

If you want to be alone, try a blizzard. Where you are cut off and numbed to the bone by silent, deep cold; where you try and rest facing a tree trunk, trying to get through the night; knowing your feet are frozen inside your wet boots. Where every thought is given to getting out of this, keeping up your courage, keeping your blood moving.

You do this by thinking about those you love and who love you. You do it by praying, and knowing that good people are out there trying to find you.

In Nick Williams’ case there was something else: training and experience in the corporate environment. He called on what it had taken him to be highly successful in business. He survived by exploiting sound principles of commitment, attitude, resourcefulness, perseverance, and teamwork. In this corporate survival book, you’ll find the finest practical advice on how to handle yourself in tough spots, be they life threatening to you, or threatening to your job performance or the company itself. Read and learn.

‘Behind the Mountain: A Corporate Survival Book’ is a compilation of transcribed actual comments by the key players in the crisis as they work through how they handled it. All other comments and observations are Nick’s and worth reading more than once.

Corporate Reviews

Mr. Steve Reinemund, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo, Inc.

‘Nick tells a powerful life story that demonstrates his rules for success in a very engaging way – a motivating challenge.’

Kent Bry, School Director, Adventure Ski & Snowboard School

I enjoyed ‘Behind the Mountain’ so much that I had my 12 year old daughter read it in preparation for life, and before going to 6th grade camp to learn about survival and the outdoors. Then she wrote her next school book report on it. Now her teacher wants to read it and has borrowed our copy. We both found Nicks story hard to put down as soon as we started reading it.

As a P.S.I.A. (Professional Ski Instructors of America) certified ski and snowboard instructor for over 25 years, this book is a must read for everyone who enjoys skiing and snowboarding AND for everyone who lives to work and/or play in the mountains. It points out what many of us take for granted and think could never happen to us, but clearly shows what could easily happen to any of us at a moments notice.

It also reinforces my most fundamental philosophy of teaching skiing and of life by reminding us the importance of leaving out negative thoughts and words and not to point out what someone is doing wrong, but instead how important it is to speak and act positively at all times and think and speak about what to do.’

T. Bartlett, CEO IDEC

A must read for anyone wanting to make it to the top.

Emily Ridley, President EMC

Read how Nick made it off the mountain and learn how to make it through life.

Susan Harper, President and Co-Founder of Corporate Climb

‘This is not just a story about surviving overwhelming odds on a mountain, or in business. ‘Behind the Mountain’ dramatically demonstrates the importance of the people in our lives that enable us to be successful. As Nick reminds us, they are the true heroes.’

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Losack, U.S. Marines

‘I thought ‘Behind the Mountain’ was a wonderful read. I think Nick captured the leadership traits and principles he learned as a Marine and quite effectively employed them in the corporate world.’

Suzie Housley, Senior Editor, MyShelf.Com

‘Behind the Mountain’ is sure to go down in history as one of the most remembered on the subject of how to maintain a positive attitude while climbing the corporate ladder.

James Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

‘Written by Nick Williams (a successful businessman of over twenty-five years’ experience) with the assistance of Patricia Williams and Katie Thompson, ‘Behind The Mountain: A Corporate Survival Book’ compiles actual transcribed comments of key individuals faced with difficulties and problems to solve for their corporations. A nicely organized anthology of long lasting wisdom superbly presented in the form of countless bite-sized vignettes, ‘Behind The Mountain’ offers the reader a genuinely ‘hands-on’ glimpse into the kind of creative thinking and problem solving that contemporary corporations truly require.’

Chuck Gregory, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

‘…hed had survival training in the marines; that helped him. He had a caring, loving, and effective support team in his family, friends, and employees; that helped him. He had a deep and abiding love of family and love of God; that helped him. The triumvirate of assistance from these sources supported him through the ordeal that only started out on that mountain. His support team found another support team to help him through the ensuing months. Now he is telling us the story, and sharing the 5 rules hes developed for survival. These are rules that will help you survive on a mountain, alone, fighting the elements. But these are also rules that will help you survive in a company, in a business, when unemployed, or wherever you happen to be. Theyre Nicks Golden Rules for Survival and Success. Theyre rules to help with your life….His story is miraculous and inspiring..’

Short Author Bio

Nicholas Joseph Williams has over twenty-five years of successful business experience as a high technology executive primarily in telecommunications. He has been involved in several mergers / acquisitions, is a business advisor to several small businesses and has been a private investor through venture capital funds. Nick started his business career with IBM as a salesman and then sales manager. He was recruited to join Paradyne Corporation, one of the first high tech companies in the U.S. where he became Vice President of North American Sales and then Vice president and General Manager of the Advanced Technology Products Division. After Paradyne Nick was Vice President of International Operations for Tellabs Corporation and a corporate officer. He was the president of Network Access Solutions a provider of high speed DSL lines and CEO of Premisys Corporation a telecommunications equipment provider.

Nick, a nationally acclaimed speaker, is the member of several Boards of Directors, and holds a B.S. degree in operations analysis from the U.S. Naval Academy. He currently works at the Department of the Treasury.

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