Multi activity

All Photos on this page taken by instructors on multi-activity trips in the Dales during August 2004

Discover parts of Britain you’ll never find in any guide books. The photo above was taken at Gibbs Cauldron.  We have been there “many” time and still never seen it mentioned in any guide books.

Go Julie – Go Julie.  Get up there.
(yes she did get to the top)

Book early.

TOTALLY dependant on the weather


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon

Arrive in the Dales

Caving Shooting.
Waterfall Climbing.


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon
Horse Riding
Rock Climbing
River “walk” &
Pool Swim
Wine Tasting
Morning Lunchtime Afternoon
Abseiling Pub Lunch Depart

Other activities such as archery, map reading, etc are always available – if you’re up for it

These very popular weekend breaks are especially suitable for those who are new to adventure sports and would simply like to try their hand at as many activities as possible on a weekend with a difference.

If you are travelling to The Dales from far away you may wish to arrive on Thursday event (activities start around 10-30am on Friday).  We can arrange (cost around £30) for you to stay in the hotel on Thursday night.  Please contact usfor more information if you want to arrive early.

There is still only so much we can cram in to an action-packed weekend.   Over each weekend (subject to weather conditions) we will try and offer our standard activities such as Caving, Climbing & Abseiling. Of course we still have the other favourites such as Waterfall Ascents, Wilderness Swimming, plus face and body painting, inter-team challenges and shooting – and anything else we (or you) can think of.

This said, if there is anything else that you would like to try, simply see one of the instructors when you arrive, if it’s possible, we will give it a go.

Top Tip.
Take your camera as your mates (or even “you”) will never believe what you have done.

Caving in the Long Churn system

Yep – you’re going to get “damp”

Don’t worry it’s not all “frantic”, there’s still time to sit around a camp fire.

Outdoor pool swimming is great fun

Shooting (targets not animals)

Abseiling. Leaping off cliffs is just the thing to do on a Sunday morning.

Plain speaking
You do not have to participate in any of the activities if you don’t want to. But, we have found that people who do at least have a go at everything, gain the most from the weekend. If you fancy a weekend lazing around on a sun-bed, this type of holiday may not be ideal ?
All activities are subject to the weather. As an example, if it has been raining heavily we can not go caving. On the other end of the scale, if it has not rained for a while, there simply won’t be any waterfalls to climb. We will just have to wait and see.

Oh Yes.  Wine tasting
What can we say other than we do it slightly differently from most other people ?

You call THIS a “walk” Ok where’s the path gone “Oh – My – God” It looks better that way