K2 Trek

Briefly: Trip duration 18 days. Begins in Kashgar. 14 days of strenuous trekking to Chinese Base Camp with an option to trek up towards Advance Base Camp. Contact us for a full itinerary.

Difficulty level: Strenuous. Multi-day trekking 4 to 6 hours per day over steep, rocky terrain in a very remote region at high elevations: 3445 meters (11,300ft.) to 4785 meters (15,699ft.). Hazardous river crossings. Previous experience trekking or hiking/backpacking at high elevations required.

Trip dates: Please contact us for prices and to arrange a trek which fits your schedule.

Recommended months to do this trek: April, May, till mid-June, Sept., October. After mid-June until the end of August the rivers run high with glacial melt water and summer rains making rivers dangerous to impassable to cross.

Background and Summary:

K2, at 8611 meters, is the second highest peak in the world and one of the most challenging to climb. It lies in one of the most remote areas of Central Asia on the China-Pakistan border. This trek approaches it from the Chinese side in the western province of Xinjiang. Off-limits to foreigners for many years, this trek passes through a stunning section of the Karakoram with peaks at the trailhead exceeding 6100m (20,000’). Just getting to the trailhead is an adventure.

This trip begins in Western China in the ancient Silk Road oasis city of Kashgar. From Kashgar we go by vehicle to Kargilik and from there on to our trek take-off point of Ilik which lies at about 3445 meters (11,300’) elevation. After meeting our camel drivers we begin trekking. Bactrian camels are used to haul gear. Trekkers only carry a rucksack with what they need for the day. On the way in to K2 Base Camp we may encounter nomadic Kirghiz shepherds tending stock. Near Aghil Pass (4779m or 15,679′) there are good views (weather permitting) of Gasherbrum 1 or Hidden Peak (8068m or 26,469′), Gasherbrum 2 (8035m or 26,361′), and Broad Peak (8047m or 26,401’). We spend 5 to 6 days trekking to reach Chinese K2 Base Camp. We will average 4 to 7 hours trekking per day. Three or four days will be spent at Base Camp and there will be options to day hike on up toward Advance Base Camp or just rest and take in the views. Five days of trekking take us back to Ilik and our vehicle pick-up point.

After returning to Kashgar our expedition concludes. This trek may be customized.

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Kashgar Old City Kashgar Sunday Bazaar

Note about difficulty level: We recommend that participants be in good physical condition and have previous experience at elevations above 3,500 meters or 11,483 feet. The long days of trekking at elevations over 3500 meters will tax the body much more than trekking the same distances at lower elevations.

For prices and more information on this trip, request a detailed itinerary contact us.