3 peaks challenge – main

To ascend the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales is a major Challenge undertaken by many walkers each year. There are many reasons for attempting the Challenge, whether it be to raise funds for deserving charitable causes, to test yourself against the mountains or simply for the sheer enjoyment of being amongst some of the most dramatic scenery in the World. Whatever your reason for rising to the Challenge it will be one of the most memorable experiences you will have.

There are a number of ways in which you can help. Most importantly you can volunteer to participate in The Three Peaks Challenge. We would truly appreciate it if you would ask a friend to accompany you on the Challenge. Better still why not ask some friends or workmates to come along and make it a team effort? The more people who take part the better it will be.

When organising The Three Peaks Challenge our main concern was that not only would the event be operated as safely as possible but also that it should be achievable by any reasonably active person with no mountaineering experience. Another large concern was that the event should have no impact on the fragile mountain environment and that there should be no disruption to local residents or farming activities.

You are under no pressure at all to reach all, or even any, of the summits. You are being asked to try your best, that is all anyone can ask.

Good luck and Thank You


As a continuous walking challenge there is little or no rest (apart from the coach journeys) between mountains.

You may encounter cold, wet and windy conditions so you will need to be prepared to carry a complete change of clothing in your rucksack.

At any time of the year the weather in the British Mountains can be very unpredictable. It is extremely important that EVERYONE taking part in The Three Peaks Challenge has the correct equipment and clothing.

This event will last approximately 36 hours as it is not possible to make it a 24 hour Challenge due to the use of coaches. The total walking distance covered over the entire event is “approximately” 43km or 27 miles.

ACCOMMODATION – After the Nevis walk you will be taken to your accommodation for a well earned rest. Each participant has accommodation in Glasgow (majority single room) which includes an evening meal and breakfast on Sunday morning. We depart from Glasgow after breakfast (around 9am). You will arrive home on Sunday evening.

TRANSPORT – The time of the pick up is geared so that you will arrive at the base of Snowdon around an hour before first-light on Friday morning.
Please put your preferred boarding point on the application form. We are not able to confirm coach pick-up points until a few weeks prior to the event. We will allocate you on to a coach nearest to your home (using your postcode).

Socially and ecologically Sound There have been a (very) few concerns raised about other 3 Peaks Challenges regarding night time disturbances caused in Wasdale and the village of Seatoller. We arrive and depart during the day time. The route that we have chosen does NOT go anywhere near either Wasdale or Seatoller. All routes on this Challenge follow maintained Public Rights of way.