What to have in your first aid kit when hiking/climbing

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After going on long hikes/climbs lately I decided that it would be prudent for me to start carrying a first aid kit on me. I’ve read some horror stories about people being injured out there and I don’t want  to be in their place without at least some kind of aid available. Here are two examples of some incidents for hiking and climbing (example 1 and example 2).


Now you are not going to be able to pack for all situations. That is not practical.  Particularly as a hiker/climber, you need to make sure that the weight isn’t too heavy. You just need to basics to help you out if need be.

Here’s some of the items I bring with me.

First, you need the essentials sunscreen and water. Okay water really isn’t in a first aid kit, but it is basically the most important thing you will take with you. Take more than you need and then some. Sunscreen is very important. Hiking is not only done generally in the sun, but also at heights, which is even more dangerous for the chances of getting skin cancer.


Next up are the band-aids and bandages. You need a selection of different types and sizes. Most first aid shops have a good variety pack to take with you. If you are a climber, they can come in useful for injuries from ropes and equipment.

Duct take is one you should never travel without. This is the most useful thing ever made! And it comes in just as useful in first aid situations.

Also add a splint or two to your pack. Sometimes you might injure yourself out in the middle of nowhere and you won’t be able to sit around and wait for help. In this situation a splint will be priceless. Used with bandages and the duct tape and you will be able to work through most common first aid situations you will come across.

Make sure your first aid kit also includes some antiseptic. This can come in useful for some small cuts and such. The last thing you want is some nasty infection to ruin your day.


Also don’t forget a torch with spare batteries. There come in handy if you are stranded at night and need to flag down help from either the sky or across a valley.

And obviously don’t forget your personal medication. Whether that is an asthma pump,  Wartol, pills or whatever you need to survive.

I hope that helps you guys out with some tips on what to bring with you when your out hiking or climbing next.

Originally published by Mike on climbingnt.net.au

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