Lacock Abbey review

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This unique and inviting National Trust venue of Lacock Abbey will send you whirring back to times past, those of the medieval era to be more precise.

In fact it is interesting to learn that this sprawling expanse was in times past a nunnery. So while you may not be of that particular persuasion you can catch a glimpse into what life would have been like for the sisters. Of course upon arriving you will have your breath taken by the grandiosity of the estate not only of the manor itself but in the surrounding gardens too.

Around Lacock Abbey is no shortage of alluring woodlands just awaiting to be explored by spirited youth and nature lovers alike; there are also new additions made to the botanical garden and greenhouse which will delight both scents of sight and smell.

Taking your adventures to this splendid National Trust site inside you will find a museum erected where you can in fact learn not only of the previous home owner of William Henry Fox Talbot but further all about his photography endeavours.

Among the many trappings and tapestries making up the interior you will find many items that will capture your imagination of such a historic past era. The children will be so enraptured that they most certainly will never be the wiser that throughout the museum they will be picking up plenty of noteworthy titbits.

Still there are so many varying alleyways and other landmarks in the immediate surrounds and being that Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire has now made its way to the small screen you may even recognize a few choice establishments!

So when you are lucky enough to find a free moment you must come with the entire family to Lacock Abbey.

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