Hidcote Manor Garden – review

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Today you can experience the treat of all of Major Lawrence Johnston’s hard work when you travel to National Trust location Hidcote Manor Garden.

This established horticulturist delved right into his passionate work and in turn created perhaps one of the most lavish gardens across all of Europe.

Because of his great knowledge he was able to construct multiple venues that in turn bloom in various colours and scents throughout the entire year; just as the seasons change so too will the experience you are blessed with when coming to Hidcote Manor Garden.

Traipsing through the various pathways of the gardens you will be spoilt for choice on just where you’d like to set up for your perfect photo opportunity; in fact you will no doubt be forced to pose for many!

This special National Trust site is nestled in Hidcote Bartrim in Gloucestershire and should you come in the bright flowering of spring or instead during the red hot tones of fall you will be happy you did so. There is more to this wondrous place than the multiple gardens however and you will find that you can also take home a little knowledge too.

There are frequent speakers that divulge the nature of Lawrence Johnston’s works and you can then appreciate it all the more. Looking for a little more rigorous activity? Then perhaps you would like to engage in a spirited bout of tennis.

So for all of these reasons and of course the chance to escape to a more quite interlude than noisy city life come to Hidcote Manor Garden!

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