22 Carp Fishing Boilie Bait Tips

22 Readymade Carp Fishing Boilie Bait Tips To Seriously Improve Your Big Fish Captures This Year!

If you are like the majority of carp anglers who put faith in readymade boilies, then you are well aware that any competitive edge can seriously improve your catches. Know then that using the rare information revealed here will be of great help to you! Among these tips are some extremely powerful uniquely proven big fish suggestions that you will never even have imagined exploiting; but will be using to great effect this year!

Firstly boilies are heated dough or paste bait. The heating makes them far less able to leach out the substances they are supposed to be releasing in order to stimulate and attract fish most effectively. So if you have bought a bag of readymade boilies and nothing else and by that I mean no other liquids with you when you begin actually fishing, then before using them, first soak them in water to give them a more soluble head start! This is so they can release their constituents much faster and then are also immediately more easily digestible once consumed by fish! Both these factors will make a great deal of difference in the short and long term!

A simple point is that heated boilie baits are sealed to a great degree by coagulated proteins within the matrix of the baits. So a very easy way to open baits up and in particular hook baits, is to run them right through all over with a baiting needle so water can penetrate them thoroughly as quickly as possible so that baits work right from the centre.

Penetrating baits also creates a different and alternative surface texture and also ensure that soaking baits in liquid foods etc is far more effective in many ways and on many levels! I know this from very long experience. Literally any heated baits (whether readymade or homemade boilies etc,) when treated like, this will result in better catches as a result, but there is far more you can do than just this to improve your results!

In combination with the about tip, since the eighties I used square baits. Initially I did this purely because I happened to notice some common carp in a particular Essex reservoir had very small mouths, and cutting boilies into tiny square baits resulted in these rare fish being landed! These days very few anglers use square shaped baits, yet decades ago it was very frequent as we were using meat and fish and other cut baits in conjunction with special pastes etc!

However when cutting baits into tiny squares combined with running through these baits with a baiting needle and then soaking them in liquids, (even neat flavours,) improved my results. This combination has definitely also always been a big fish edge for me!

The incredible vital mode of action of how boilie baits become hydrated may not be a new one on you but did you know there are very many more or less seriously effective ways to either speed up this action or make baits actually actively suck up water right inside them far more powerfully than you could ever imagine? Because the nature of water means it is attracted through subtle electronic forces to react and interact with a range of other compounds molecules that can be deliberately exploited you can alter how even readymade baits react with water much more in your favour.

Now I am not recommending you take strong alcoholic drinks, spirits or liqueurs to the water side because frankly getting drunk and falling in leading to drowning and I say this from nearly doing this myself. As a teenager I got drunk at a pub near to where I was fishing on opening night, and then being so drunk I ended up slipping into the water cocooned in my sleeping bag! This is not a place you want to be I can assure you, but especially when drunk! I never got drunk beside any water after that experience. However, this is not a new tip but soaking readymade baits in vodka will not only lead to many more chemical reactions within your baits, but will lead to many reactions on many levels when baits are introduced to the water and the alcohol will very significantly help enable water to be sucked right inside your baits so that they work more efficiently!

On a related theme, soaking your readymade baits in neat glycerol or alcohol flavours can be a neat trick, but why not alter the nature of familiar flavours by cutting them with something not promoted by bait companies such as Tia Maria or Baileys liquors etc!

A tip many anglers will like is how to make a paste using readymade boilies when they have not bought paste to take fishing with them and yet they want to exploit some when actually on the bank and are fishing! Most anglers take milk powder with them fishing to make a brew. I suggest that you can make almost any boilie no matter what the texture into an effective paste simply by crushing boilies down and rubbing them into a paste or by adding a little water and milk power to them.

You might even make a paste of sugar and milk powder and rub your finely crushed boilies into this. The plastic bait grinding cylinders are indeed a useful tool for making pastes on the bank!

I like the milk powder angle not merely for adding binding, but it really adds great water soluble nutritional attraction and has proven itself time after time for me, so much so that I would suggest you use such pastes in PVA bags or PVA nets etc or even as an instant method mix adding crumbled boilies into the mix too and using that as a lead wrap to match your hook baits. In this situation I would certainly recommend applying all of the tips above and others too!

Of course the act of removing the surface of boilies opens them up more so their constituents can soak up water and hydrate and more actively release bait substances in solution. The is a great advantage and really the mode of action that boilies need to maximise, so choosing more soluble and more open textured boilies is very sensible indeed, especially as free baits even where so-called pest species abound. This is specifically because soluble baits are far more able to stimulate fish than relatively insoluble baits! Think about this, test all your senses and test different baits and bait substances in a glass of cold water and you will soon appreciate this point. This is especially in regards to choosing your winter and spring baits and bait substances when the water temperature is maybe below 15 degrees Celsius, or maybe well below 6 degrees Celsius!

It is so shocking at just how many anglers seem to choose boilies based on the price or flavour or whatever factor other than if they will actually function to maximum efficiency! Also far too many readymade boilies are produced that are simply hard round balls or other shapes that literally take many hours even to become soft! The softening is very much the action of water turning the bait ingredients etc into soluble substances that can actually be released into the water column. Think about the ineffectiveness of very many hard baits that are in effect only working from maybe the surface third of their entire volume; and are thus working at only a third of their potential!

Very many hard readymade baits are comparatively speaking a complete waste of time using until they have become well hydrated in water. Many also will have a window of optimum use which means that basically after perhaps a period of 12 hours or whatever point in time, the maximum levels of their water soluble flavours etc have leached out and it is basically down hill from there in terms of their capacity to stimulate fish!

Some anglers even misguidedly choose especially hard hook baits because they fear fishing for maybe 24 hours and reeling in to find no hook bait on. Well this is simply ridiculous because frankly if their baits were soluble and therefore working nearer to optimal efficiency able to release the substances that stimulate fish, then the chances are anglers would not need to wait 24 hours to get a bite!

Many anglers also overlook the fact that it is comparatively far easier for a wary fish to dismiss a hard smooth rounded barrel or otherwise shaped bait compared to picking up a soft bait; and this is very long experience speaking here!

Also so many anglers are addicted to copying so called cult heroes and those faces they read every month in the magazines who simply reinvent the wheel without coming up without anything near a paradigm shift in how they think or what they do. I consider just fishing with a single bait on a bait much of the time as an under optimization of a situation because you can over come fish caution in many ways by using 2 tiny baits of different recipes instead of using just one bait format or recipe.

Most anglers overlook the fact that individual fish are taste specific, just as each fish species if taste specific. This is one reason why bream or roach or tench are more attracted to one bait recipe compared to another. So using for example 2 halves of baits made from different recipes offers fish 2 tastes and smells as it were and alternative nutritional rewards for picking up the bait as a whole even if the other half is not particularly attractive to that fish at that point in time!

This is an edge that few anglers will have ever even imagined much less tried but this will really open your eyes to my world and how differently you can think when you are not limited by conventional mass mentality herd thinking! All you require are some hard narrow pellets and your hook baits. Once your baits are on your hair prepared using tips here and more, consider the impact of doing this!

Many anglers think they are doing something new by simply cutting off the surface of boilies to make their surface irregular, but this is old as the hills. If you want something that is truly new and there are many more potent suggestions that I could put here, you will get the principle here when I say this; penetrate your hook bait boilies with numbers of different pellets! Remember who introduced you to this here because it is a seriously powerful competitive edge!

These pellets if long enough may either penetrate you bait right through or at least stick out creating a new texture. They may fall out but then open your bait up even more effectively and add extra profiles of nutritional attraction and stimulation around your hook baits and can be very effective even when fishing using single hook baits at range!

You could easily drill a few holes into hard baits and stick pellets right inside your baits then soak them briefly in flavours or whatever to get them to swell and be even more effective in many ways! But I must add that this is simply the beginning of the use of just this one principle! Many things can be added to boilies by either penetrating boilies, or by using edible bait substances as the glue to purposely impregnate baits and form soluble layers on readymade baits with alternative seriously potent feeding trigger rich substances. Just one suggestion is a mixture of Belachan powder and corn steep liquor powder plus betaine and Spanish red pepper powder with sodium caseinate and wheat gluten for instance; but also exploiting coated and pellet impregnated free baits are just another edge of course!

All these introductory suggestions are really here to get you starting to think much more out of the box and out of the paradigm that baits must be any familiar particular shape or format at all! Ultimately I can assure you that you are the limit to the effectiveness of your own baits!

These tips are very simple basic ones anyone can use at any time, yet they do not even come close to fully optimising the full potential of what you can do to maximise the impacts and reactions of water and of baits in terms of fish feeding when fishing with readymade boilies. This is where you need more knowledge of bait substances, fish senses and how to actually manipulate fish behaviours deliberately by applying substances to seriously put the odds in your unique favour.

This is an area that the majority of carp anglers are simply ignorant to where you can really score by getting more sophisticated and educated because it will improve your awareness and your problem solving and thinking which will directly improve your fishing and potentially all your other activities in life too! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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Article Source: Tim F Richardson

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