Britain's largest adventure sports company
To book a trip / event please contact us on (01942) 826256.

When you call we will need the following information:

On most events and trips we will supply you with hotel accommodation and so we will ask you if you wish to share a room with another person on your booking.
If you do not nominate a person to share a room with or ask for a single room (where available, supplement payable) then we will pair you up with another participant of the same sex.

Please inform us if you have any special dietary needs, e.g. religious, vegetarian, etc

On some events we will need to ask you for your sizes.  e.g. On bike riding events we will need to know your height, on Multi-Activity breaks we will need your height, weight, shoe size, general size, etc.
Please be as accurate as you can to ensure the correct equipment is available when you arrive at the location